Monster RPG 2:Strategy Guide (Beware of Spoilers)

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This guide aims to be a step-by-step walkthrough of Monster RPG 2, with strategic details, revealed secrets and other info. If you are getting stuck at a certain point in the game, you may want to consult this guide. We recommened that you try to play through on your own first though, so as not to spoil all of the surprises.

Note: The screenshots in this walkthrough are all from version 1.10. Many changes have been made to the graphics since then.


  1. Finding the Staff
    1. The Beginning
    2. Escape From the Keep
    3. Underground Passage
    4. Refuge in Seaside?
  2. The Eastern Kingdom
    1. The King
    2. Trek Through the Mountains
    3. Flowey
      1. Golems
      2. The Town
    4. Invasion on the Beach
    5. The King Repents
  3. The Rescue
    1. Submarining
    2. The Fortress
    3. Key to Success
    4. Tiggy Comes Back, Staff Goes Away
  4. An Army's Building
    1. Tipster
    2. Second Floor
      1. Archery
    3. The Big Chest is the Key
    4. Cleaning Up
    5. Back in Black
    6. Forest Gold
  5. Destroying the Staff
    1. King's Advice
    2. Jungle Maze
    3. Village Craftsman
    4. Ascent
  6. Long Shot
    1. Old Flyer
    2. Landing
    3. Tipper's Up For Adventure
    4. Straight and Narrow
    5. Retrieving the Staff: Again
    6. One Way Home
  7. On the Dark Side
    1. This Way That Way
    2. Who's Going to Stop Me?
  8. Conclusion