Walkthroughs - Monster RPG 2 - Straight and Narrow

The valley

The valley presents you some pretty boring scenery overall. It's just a straight path through the lunar dust and rubble. You'll find several chests along the way, usually off to the side in a nook so you'll have to be on the lookup for them.


The enemies can be treacherous in this area. There are more than one enemy types that can kill you in a single hit, and we'll talk about this specifically and give you a strategy for fighting them. First is the UFO. The UFO is easy but may catch you off guard if you don't expect it to be so powerful. Disable as many UFOs as you can before they have a chance to attack. This means using Stun with Mel and casting Bolt3/Fire3/Ice3 with Tiggy and Tipper. One "3 level" spell can kill two UFOs in one shot. Next is the Grinner. They may look funny and cute, but they're very dangerous. They'll hurt you in two ways. First, if you kill one of them, say goodbye to one of your party members, as they'll be knocked unconscious with a blast. Second, when they have their turn they hold nothing back, casting Fire3 which will kill you instantly. The recommended strategy for dealing with Grinners is to kill one, then revive the fallen party member before you kill again. If you have four party members, that means you may be able to kill 2 Grinners in your first round.


Follow the valley north until you reach the end, marked by a pathway and the edge of the screen. You've once again reached safety. Save your game and continue on to Muttrace town when you're ready.



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