Walkthroughs - Crystal Picnic - Ant Colony

The Ants area or Apple Blossom Way is the largest area in the game. The map is below with treasure chests marked. Chests 3 and 5 are blocked by bushes which you'll learn to chop later. The anthill at the lower right is where you need to go. You'll find Amaysa and fight some of her soldiers there. After that, pick up the crystals and go inside the anthill. You'll find 2 chests inside and a water cooler to refresh yourself. Exit the ant colony at the second exit and head East.

Map screenshot




After you head East and change areas, you'll learn how to jump with Frogbert. To switch to Frogbert, press Tab or the right bumper on your joystick. After you've jumped down, you can go back to River Town for supplies or go straight to the East to find Pyou.


Enemies in this section are ants, bazooka ants, sunflowers, birds and gophers. The mini boss battle is against a machete ant and a tough ant.


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