Posted by goobliata on 2015-10-12, 4:19pm
I'm excited to announce that Monster RPG 2 is now available on Steam. The Steam version includes 30 achievements and it sells for $1.99 USD. Steam keys will be available for buyers on this site and the Groupees bundle we are a part of soon.

It's been a long journey for this game. Development started in 2007, then in 2009 to early 2010 the art assets were redone and a lot of improvements made for a commercial iOS release. I've been doing updates to the game this whole time, so I'm really happy ...

Posted by goobliata on 2015-10-08, 10:08pm
I found out when I awoke this afternoon that Monster RPG 2 had been Greenlit. We were sitting at #70 with 952 yes votes (49%) last I checked. Thank you to everyone who voted. Now I'll be working on integrating the achievements from the iOS version with Steamworks.

Monster RPG 3 work will be on hold for a little while until M2 is released on Steam (at least on my end.) I don't expect it to take too long but I'd estimate 2 weeks based on past experience.

Crystal Picnic is still on Greenlight ...

Posted by goobliata on 2015-09-24, 2:14am
Thanks to coercion from people at Groupees, Crystal Picnic is now back on Steam Greenlight. We hope to get the game approved and add some Steamworks stuff. Check it out and vote if you want to!

The game was removed from Greenlight previously due to personal health reasons of mine. I apologize for that and hope that doesn't happen again.
Posted by goobliata on 2015-09-11, 6:54am
The Android port of Monster RPG 2 received a bugfix update today that fixes an issue with some letters not appearing in text on certain devices. Other ports of the game are not affected. The update is now live on and is propagating on Google Play.
Posted by goobliata on 2015-08-17, 5:21am
What better way to start the week than a new release? Crystal Picnic 1.8 is now available! New in this version:

• Added a French language translation
• Fix missing touch controls on some Android devices
• Fix a bug where you may not be able to save
• Miscellaneous small bugfixes and improvements

Thanks to Rémi Verschelde for the great new French translation!

The Raspberry Pi version will be delayed as I'm trying to find ways to optimize the performance. Stay tuned.

Posted by goobliata on 2015-07-31, 4:48am
Monster RPG 2 2.11.7 is being released for Android and iOS. It has a fix for a movement bug: if Tap-and-Go movement and the View: Centered setting are both enabled, tapping to move does nothing. This bug was overlooked as I tested View: Centered with d-pad movement enabled.

I don't plan on releasing an update for PC for this as I think most people play with keyboard or gamepad on PC, but I could be convinced otherwise if someone disagrees.

The update is live on and Google Play and will ...

Posted by goobliata on 2015-07-26, 6:26pm
Crystal Picnic 1.7, while incorporating some small miscellaneous changes, also fixes a rather bad oversight that could lead to players needing to back-track a long ways. Without revealing spoilers, the player could get to a point that they needed something they didn't have if they went a certain way.

In addition to this important fix, a bug that could appear on certain graphics processors where there could be dots on the corners of tiles at times has been fixed. Yet another bug, the reverb setting ...