macOS Catalina Updates (Humble/
Posted by goobliata on 2019-09-17, 12:19pm
macOS Catalina (10.15) will be releasing soon and it brings some changes affecting whether or not apps/games are permitted to run on the system. Firstly, 32 bit apps are no longer supported, and secondly all apps must be (or will soon need to be) notarized by Apple to run.

I may be a little paranoid but it feels like Apple is heading in a bad direction here: where users are no longer free to use their computer except how Apple intended (and get all their apps from the Mac App Store, where Apple has final say in what you can and cannot do.) That is a future I do not want. Let's put that aside for now though.

I've updated Monster RPG 2, Monster RPG 3 and Crystal Picnic on Humble and The new builds are notarized (as far as I know, the whole thing is a giant mystery...) So they should run on macOS 10.15 and onward. The bad news is, they now require macOS 10.9+ to run (get in touch if you need the old builds.)

So there you have it, new Mac builds for the latest and greatest macOS. Enjoy.
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Posted by goobliata on 2019-09-25, 6:11pm
The Steam builds are also updated now. Mac App Store builds appear to work fine still.
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