Crystal Picnic 1.8
Posted by goobliata on 2015-08-17, 5:21am
What better way to start the week than a new release? Crystal Picnic 1.8 is now available! New in this version:
  • Added a French language translation
  • Fix missing touch controls on some Android devices
  • Fix a bug where you may not be able to save
  • Miscellaneous small bugfixes and improvements

Thanks to RĂ©mi Verschelde for the great new French translation!

The Raspberry Pi version will be delayed as I'm trying to find ways to optimize the performance. Stay tuned.
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Posted by goobliata on 2015-08-18, 2:59pm
The Raspberry Pi port is ready! Made some nice optimizations. Much of the time it runs at 60 FPS and the lows don't go as low as before. Felt pretty good to play through on a 256MB Model A!
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