Chromebook support + Android fixes
Posted by goobliata on 2020-03-27, 11:38pm
Hello. Some of you may have noticed a stream of updates to our Android games over the past 2 to 3 weeks. First of all I'm sorry if this has bothered anyone. The updates are finished for now though, and bring some improvements.

Since I am only supporting Google Play and Steam (Windows only) now, I can dedicate more time to each and do a better job on those platforms. This started 2-3 weeks ago with some Android improvements. The big one is proper and tested Chromebook support. The 3 games we have released now run great on Chromebook and are fully functional with any hardware you may have (touchscreen/keyboard/mouse/gamepad...)

There were several other improvements (too many to remember without consulting logs) including compatibility fixes (they all run on Android 4.4 now, and gamepad support has improved,) fixes for icons on Android 8.0+ (the icons looked quite bad and I'm sorry I didn't know about it until now) and many other fixes and improvements.

The games are all now fully functional and robust on phone/tablet/TV/Chromebook which covers most Android devices (excluding watch and automotive.) You can find them on Google Play.

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