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Posted by goobliata on 2019-01-30, 6:14pm
When I finished Monster RPG 3 in March, I took a bit of time off. I had worked crazy hard to finish it up and needed a break. A month later I started a new project. I have now been working on it for 9 months.

I've got most of the basics in place now. I've got a title screen, settings and main menu (the "boring" stuff,) and the field view in place. The first area of the game is finished, which leads into the really interesting stuff with battles.

This game will have a unique battle system that I can't talk about yet. It won't be the same turn-based battle system as Monster RPG 3, nor will it be a full on action game like Crystal Picnic. That work hasn't started yet though, but hopefully after I finish some art I need to get done this week, it will.

The main gist of the story is your dog, Jellybean, has fallen into a well (see the second clip below) and you need to rescue him. Adventure ensues. The game will be bite-sized like our other recent games, both because I like shorter games and because I'm working solo so it's not possible to create a long epic game of good quality alone.

In this thread, I'll periodically post progress updates on the new game which is entitled Dog-O. Feel free to register on the site and post a comment, or just check in here from time to time. Here are some current clips of the new game to give you an idea of what it looks like.

The most recent task I had was to support Steam Input for controllers. It's working really well and should play nicely on most controllers out of the box by the time the game releases. There is also non-Steam-build controller support which is at feature parity for Android and tvOS builds.

Although it's still early, I'm looking for experienced alpha/beta testers to check out the game during development, so if you have tested games before and this looks interesting, get in touch. That's all I've got for now, but there's a lot more to come, and many existing details will likely be changed. Thanks for reading!
Posted by goobliata on 2019-03-04, 3:41am
Things have been progressing slowly over the past month. I released a new alpha (0.6) on Steam and Google Play tonight. There were a few changes and improvements. Here's the list:
  • Add some joystick rumble effects
  • Wrap cursor on first/last items in some cases
  • Onscreen controller now works on mobile
  • Fix lists with headings when using touch/mouse
  • Fix 'Next Character' button on mobile
  • Use newer SDL library on Android
  • Bump required Android version to 6.0
  • Fix Menu button on tvOS (roll back SDL version)
  • Hide red triangle on title screen on iOS
  • Bump required Windows version to Windows 7
  • Use profile pics with alpha, outlined
  • Remove attacks you won't have right away
  • Add Pleasant Punch, Tom Kick sprites
  • Add player animations to Practice menu

The last bullet can be seen here:

The top things on my TODO list now are the map for the next (small) area and the battle tutorial. That will require getting the battle system working, as not much is done in that regard yet. That should be fun, because the battle system is kind of interesting. More on that another time.

I will keep chipping away at things, and be back with more updates soon.
Posted by goobliata on 2019-03-22, 3:13pm
In my last update to this devlog, I said I didn't get a lot done since the previous one. This time, I've got a more substantial update. The main highlight is the battle system, which is now fully functional and playable. There were a few other changes as well, listed here:
  • Improved some sound effects
  • Play sound effects in practice menu
  • Added the battle system with an enemy
  • Added a small new area with a random battle
  • Use some C++11 features
  • Autosave fixes
  • Fix audio volumes not saving
  • Fix player directions in autosaves after cut scenes
  • Increased the base resolution
  • New battle, victory and gameover music
  • Various other fixes

I spent quite a bit of time working on the transition into battle. I ended up with something quite like another game. See if you can guess which game it is:

I call the battle system the RTTB battle system for "Real-time turn-based." It's similar to the ATB battle system except you can add multiple consecutive turns by any character. Currently I have it hard coded to two simultaneous turns, but that value will vary in real gameplay.

What it means is you can stack several commands at once, and as long as any player/enemy commands don't conflict, they'll execute immediately. This will add a skill element to battles because the moves you get later will require entering combos on your gamepad or keyboard. In the current version, the combos are low level, single button moves that you can execute very quickly (even quicker than I show in the clip below.)

As for what's next, this unique battle system requires a tutorial so I'll be working on an interactive battle where you can learn how to play. After that comes the first level where you'll fight real enemies and continue the search for Jellybean.

Thanks for reading, and check back in another 2-4 weeks (hopefully) for another update.
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