Dropping Apple Support
Posted by goobliata on 2019-12-22, 2:12am
I have decided to drop support for Apple platforms (Mac/iPhone/iPad/Apple TV/etc) from our games. On January 1st our games will be removed from the App Store. People who have already made purchases will still be able to access them but no new purchases will be possible.

There are two reasons for this. First, if you factor in the cost of hardware, supporting these platforms is no longer profitable. Second (and partly because of #1,) I can no longer invest the time needed to create and maintain these ports.

If you wish to make a purchase before the removal please do so now but be aware that the games will not receive any more updates so they will eventually stop working on newer devices (as per Apple standard procedures...) Thank you!
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Posted by goobliata on 2020-03-21, 11:19pm
As some of you may have noticed, or if you follow @Nooskewl on Twitter, you've probably seen me tweet that our games are now available only on Steam for Windows (any PC/Windows tablet) and Google Play for Android (on phone/tablet/TV/Chromebook.) That means I've dropped Linux/Amazon/Humble also. This happened a few weeks ago. It has become too much of a workload (actually it always was.)

I've been putting extra work into the platforms that I am still supporting, starting with Android receiving a bunch of updates for Android 8+/tablet form factor/Chromebook and more. Windows/Android will get the attention they deserve and I'm already feeling some stress relief, even though as expected sales are down due to several things disappearing.

This post is here for those who don't follow on Twitter or may have missed the tweets.
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