Review: Pilgrims
Posted by goobliata on 2019-10-14, 2:43am
Amanita Design is the developer of several nice little adventure games, like Machinarium which I did a review on before. They recently released a short game called Pilgrims on PC and Apple Arcade. I gave it a try and completed it in about 2 hours.

Like Machinarium, it has an interesting art style and the audio is very good. I think I may have liked the audio in Pilgrims better than Machinarium, even though it is highly praised in the older title.

In Pilgrims, you collect various items on cards and can use your cards in different situations to advance in the game. When you use a card, an animation, usually between two character plays out and they're all well done. Some items appear in the scene and can be clicked to gain a card. That pretty much describes the whole gameplay. Cards are used in creative ways to gain favour/items from characters and things like that.

The final goal is to set sail with the primary character and a "death" like character on to new frontiers. I collected about 21 out of 45 achievements in the game in 2 hours, so there is more to play for a completionist. It's a fun and stress free game for when you just want to relax.

I give the game a thumbs up, especially at the asking price (currently $6.49 CAD on Steam.)

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