Review: Braid
Posted by goobliata on 2019-06-06, 5:48am
Every so often when playing a game with puzzles, there will be one that you say, "OK, this is impossible!" Never have I said that more often than with Braid by Jonathan Blow. Many of the puzzles blew my mind when I figured them out or couldn't and looked at a walkthrough.

There are six worlds in Braid leading up to the seventh and final world. Each of the six introduces a new mechanic that is needed to solve puzzles. You can rewind time with certain objects that are immune, have a shadow of yourself act out parts of puzzles while you do the rest, slow time down and more.

The puzzles form the gameplay, while the story of Tim and his ex-girl unfolds. The final achievement in the game is named "Closure", as Tim comes to grips with his feelings. It kept me wanting to solve puzzles to find out what happens next.

As with all the games I've written about here so far, I give Braid a thumbs up. Some of the puzzles are tricky to execute, but that is easily forgiven given how complex and innovative they are. Play this one if you get the chance; I'd say it's worth every puzzle lover's time.

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