Monster RPG 3 Source Release
Posted by goobliata on 2019-05-25, 7:58pm
We have a history of releasing our games as open source. Monster RPG 2 and Crystal Picnic were both open sourced as part of Indiegogo campaigns. Today's release has no crowdfunding campaign to go along with it though. Monster RPG 3 has been open sourced for all to enjoy, with just a simple license that you must follow to do so. If you like it, I ask that you buy a binary copy somewhere rather than me doing crowdfunding, but it's not required.

The license does not allow distributing copies of source or binaries unless it's an entirely new game. However, if you'd just like to check out, archive, or play the game on your own, you can do that. Please check LICENSE.txt in the root directory of the code for full details.

I hope you enjoy the source release, and hope to hear from anyone who finds a use for any/all of the code in their projects. Thanks.

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