Raising Prices
Posted by goobliata on 2019-03-12, 5:23am
I've decided to raise some game prices in various stores and this post offers an explanation. Our games have always been priced lower than many comparable games, often much lower. This may be part of the reason that I have never earned any money from any of our games (costs still greatly outweigh profits.)

At this point in time, Nooskewl has made about 2/3rds of its expenses back since opening in 2010. That means freelancers who have worked for us have gotten paid, and our day to day bills have been paid partly at my own expense. I need to break even eventually though.

I have been living on a disability cheque and paying for the business' overages with it. I live with family because I don't make enough to rent an apartment on my own. This is not a case of greed. I'm just trying to earn a little money for my work.

I have been updating every game we've made over the years consistently, by fixing problems and adding features, so I don't think a price increase is unwarranted. And still, prices are only going up by 1 USD. I will see how these new prices work out and go from there.

This post has been a heads up about the new and pending prices. I hope everyone understands. Thanks for all the support.

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