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Posted by goobliata on 2019-01-03, 12:49am
I don't finish games often. The last game I finished was Dragon Warrior, about 6 months ago (for which I wrote a review here.) Well, until a couple days ago when I finished The Room by Fireproof Games.

I became interested in The Room when it popped up in my Steam recommendations because it is short and I had played other short games. So I picked it up on Steam, on sale for a little over a dollar, which was a great deal because as you'll find out, I really liked the game.

The Room is centred around opening a box by finding clues and solving little puzzles. The controls worked well on PC using a mouse, though using a touchpad was a little awkward. You solve the puzzles by using little gestures with the mouse, like turning keys and rotating things.

Those puzzles are excellent and well thought out. They were generally a lot of fun to solve. The clues, which are optional, I liked, when at times I got stuck on a puzzle for longer than I wanted. Most of the puzzles were not super difficult to solve, and the cinematics/animations/results were worth it.

The game is quite nice to look at. I ran it on Low settings because I played on a laptop with integrated graphics though Steam Play. The higher settings looked a lot better though. The sound design is really nice too. The whole game has a nice atmosphere.

At first I joked about using a crowbar to just pry the box open. After a while, it became obvious that the contents wouldn't fit in the box, but by then that fact was woven into the story, which leaves a lot to be resolved at the end, and left me wanting to play part two.

The Room is a fairly short game. It took me just under 4 hours to finish. Like I said earlier though, I wanted a short game. The length felt just right.

The game will run on almost anything, from smartphones to most laptops made in the past 10 years. Bumping the graphics all the way up will make it run slow on most non-gaming laptops, but if you're playing on a fast system, it looks great.

I admit, I haven't played many games like this one, but I really enjoyed it. It's short and sweet and I like that nowadays when I can't often spend a lot of time playing games. I'd definitely recommend it, especially since it's cheap even when it's not on sale.
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Posted by goobliata on 2019-01-21, 11:36pm
I just finished The Room Two. I don't think I'll do a full review, since it's similar, but I thought it was just as good as The Room. There were lots of new puzzles which were all a lot of fun to solve. The ending was great too. I am looking forward to playing part three sometime.
Posted by goobliata on 2019-03-23, 4:54am
#3 is also good - a bit bigger and better than the others. Not sure if I will play "The Room: Old Sins" on mobile or wait for a PC port, but I doubt you can go wrong by picking it up.
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