Crystal Picnic 1.9.7 (macOS)
Posted by goobliata on 2016-09-24, 5:33am
I've just released a small update of Crystal Picnic for Macs only. The update has an Advanced Effects checkbox in Video settings that turns on and off a few expensive shader effects. By default they are on, but on some old Macs with Intel GMA graphics processors you need to toggle this off to get playable framerates. With the option off, the game should run on any Intel Mac at good speeds.

The option will make its way to other ports eventually if updates are made. Currently PC/Linux have these options enabled all the time unless you edit the configuration file manually. Android/iOS/Raspberry Pi have these options disabled. Having the options configurable from the menus will make it easier to tune the game for better performance/fancier effects. On Android and iOS, it's not possible to edit the configuration files so this will allow enabling those effects on those devices where performance permits it.

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