Monster RPG 3 Coming Soon!
Posted by goobliata on 2018-02-22, 4:28am
It seems like it has been ages since I announced a new game, and indeed it has. Crystal Picnic was released in 2014, almost 4 years ago! It seems like making these games gets harder each time... but we are finally getting close to finishing up the next one.

I don't have a solid release date yet, just a vague "2018" for the release of Monster RPG 3. You can find out a little bit about it on its website. Like Monster RPG 2, it's an RPG with turn based combat. You'll want to play through until the end to find out what's going on in this one.

The game will initially be available on iOS, tvOS and Android (including Android TV) and playable in English and French. After the initial release, we plan to release the game on PC, Mac and Linux soon afterwards. Since I'm the sole programmer and artist, I need to stagger the release to avoid being swamped in case there are bugs we don't know about (although all platforms are working, and AFAIK, stable right now.)

I'm currently working on the final level of the game. I expect it to take a month or two to finish, followed by a period of heavy QA before submitting to retailers. But as always, things may not go as planned so I'm not even going as far as stating "Summer 2018" or anything yet (there have already been a lot of things that have fallen through during the making of this game, so I know better.)

So hang in there a while longer. This dusty page has seen a few updates recently and hopefully will see a shiny new release shortly. I know it'll be hard, but press on until then.

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