Posted by goobliata on 2018-12-05, 6:32pm
Hello. Monster RPG 3 is now playable in Spanish thanks to Ramón Méndez and Alba Calvo. The game, manual, achievements and store pages have all been translated. Steam and Google Play versions are available right now, while Amazon and Apple platforms should take just a couple days to get reviewed.
Posted by goobliata on 2018-11-09, 1:25am
Posted by goobliata on 2018-10-02, 12:04am
Posted by goobliata on 2018-09-29, 4:14am
A small update to Monster RPG 2 has been published for Android and iOS. The previous update added a "3rd Party Licenses" button on the title screen that didn't work. 2.13.5 makes that button work and fixes an issue with adjusting aspect ratio mode causing text spacing to be too large or small.
Posted by goobliata on 2018-09-07, 3:02am
A small update to Monster RPG 3 dropped over the past couple days. The update is for mobile (iOS, Android) only and adds the ability to play in portrait mode on phones and tablets. In portrait mode, if the screen is tall enough and you enable onscreen controls, the DPAD and buttons appear below the game visuals rather than overlayed on top.
Posted by goobliata on 2018-08-10, 4:16am
We have just released a small update to Monster RPG 3. Version 1.1.6 is available everywhere now (Amazon still pending.) This is a fixes release.
Posted by goobliata on 2018-06-29, 6:08am
This is a review a long time in the making. I first got Dragon Warrior when I was about 10 years old in 1991 or thereabouts. I played it a lot and loved it, but never finished it... until this past week.
Posted by goobliata on 2018-05-21, 1:43am
With everything that's going on regarding user privacy and data rights (see the GDPR), I've decided to remove logins to this site. I just don't have the resources to comply with this stuff and keep it up to date. So if you have games in your account you want to download, now is the time. Everything will be gone by the end of the month. The site will stay online just to serve news and homepages for games which was the main point anyway. Thanks!
Posted by goobliata on 2018-04-24, 1:16am
Today was/is the big release day on Steam. The game is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux. This wraps up the Monster RPG 3 release for the most part - although Amazon PC/Mac builds are still not available.
Posted by goobliata on 2018-04-15, 10:10pm
Posted by goobliata on 2018-04-14, 6:04am
You can now add Monster RPG 3 to your Steam wishlists! The game will be available April 23rd. Wishlisting helps with visibility at launch time, so if you plan on buying the game on Steam at some point, please consider adding it to your wishlist now. Follow this link for the Steam page.
Posted by goobliata on 2018-04-01, 12:03am
Version 1.0 of Monster RPG 3 is officially available! Humble gets the honours of being the first storefront where you can download the game. The game drops on Google Play tonight as well. The App Store (iOS and tvOS) and Mac App Store, Amazon Appstore as well as Amazon PC and Mac and Steam are all coming soon!
Posted by goobliata on 2018-03-08, 6:38am
Posted by goobliata on 2018-02-22, 4:28am
It seems like it has been ages since I announced a new game, and indeed it has. Crystal Picnic was released in 2014, almost 4 years ago! It seems like making these games gets harder each time... but we are finally getting close to finishing up the next one.
Posted by goobliata on 2017-07-04, 8:37pm
Crystal Picnic 1.10.0 has just been released on Steam. The main new feature of this release is a all-new Korean translation. Besides that, several bugs were fixed that were found while testing the new translation.
Posted by goobliata on 2017-05-04, 10:13am
Monster RPG 2 2.13.0 is now available or has been submitted and is coming soon on all platforms. Major changes include completely reworked Brazilian Portuguese and Polish translations and an all new Korean translation. The full list of changes since 2.12.10 is below.
Posted by goobliata on 2017-03-10, 8:14am
The first game we ever sold was Monster RPG 2 for iOS. To date it's also still the most successful game and platform. Nowadays we're developing for many platforms and often overlook mobile a little bit. Not that there are any plans to ditch mobile. Crystal Picnic was designed primarily to be played with a controller though, and our next game is still in development, where it's easier to work on PC.
Posted by goobliata on 2016-10-03, 2:48am
Crystal Picnic 1.9.8 has been released. This version contains a few small fixes and new options as listed below. This release is for all supported platforms. It's available most places already with the rest following soon.
Posted by goobliata on 2016-09-24, 5:33am
I've just released a small update of Crystal Picnic for Macs only. The update has an Advanced Effects checkbox in Video settings that turns on and off a few expensive shader effects. By default they are on, but on some old Macs with Intel GMA graphics processors you need to toggle this off to get playable framerates. With the option off, the game should run on any Intel Mac at good speeds.
Posted by goobliata on 2016-09-07, 5:16am
I finally got an Android 2.3 device. Our games didn't work (immediate exit.) That has been fixed. I'm in the process of publishing the updated games to Amazon, Google Play and
Posted by goobliata on 2016-08-19, 2:11pm
Crystal Picnic and Monster RPG 2 are now back on the Amazon Appstore! Anyone who owned the games there before can access the up-to-date versions. I plan to add achievements to the Amazon ports to bring them up to speed with other ports. The games are also coming to Amazon PC/Mac soon!
Posted by goobliata on 2016-08-12, 1:28am
Version 1.9.1 of Crystal Picnic for iOS and Mac OS X is on the way. It is a bugfix release that addresses the following issues:
Posted by goobliata on 2016-08-11, 12:43am
Monster RPG 2 2.12.2 is on the way, starting with iOS and Mac OS X. It's mainly a bugfix release and has the following changes:
Posted by goobliata on 2016-07-16, 10:38pm
Monster RPG 2 2.12 is now available for Raspberry Pi! Some of the same changes that were made for Crystal Picnic 1.9 were done for M2, increasing the average FPS to near 60 FPS. The Raspberry Pi release was slightly older than the others so there were a few other changes that made it into this release besides optimizations.
Posted by goobliata on 2016-07-15, 8:42pm
Crystal Picnic 1.9 is on the way with an absolute ton of performance optimizations. The idea was to get the Raspberry Pi port up to standards, and it's now running great! The improvements will be nice for owners of other systems as well such as mobiles.
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