Posted by goobliata on 2019-01-30, 6:14pm
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Posted by goobliata on 2019-06-06, 5:48am
Every so often when playing a game with puzzles, there will be one that you say, "OK, this is impossible!" Never have I said that more often than with Braid by Jonathan Blow. Many of the puzzles blew my mind when I figured them out or couldn't and looked at a walkthrough.
Posted by goobliata on 2019-05-28, 6:22pm
As I mentioned in my previous review, I'm trying to play through some of my backlog of games before buying new ones. The latest title I've finished, which I started yesterday and finished today, is Machinarium. It's a point-and-click adventure game from 2009 by Amanita Design. You play as a robot trying to find his love while fighting a gang of bad guy robots.
Posted by goobliata on 2019-05-25, 7:58pm
We have a history of releasing our games as open source. Monster RPG 2 and Crystal Picnic were both open sourced as part of Indiegogo campaigns. Today's release has no crowdfunding campaign to go along with it though. Monster RPG 3 has been open sourced for all to enjoy, with just a simple license that you must follow to do so. If you like it, I ask that you buy a binary copy somewhere rather than me doing crowdfunding, but it's not required.
Posted by goobliata on 2019-05-22, 8:38pm
I'm trying to play through my video game backlog, and the most recent title I finished is Fez, a game by Polytron originally released in 2012.
Posted by goobliata on 2019-05-11, 12:10am
(I have started writing short reviews of games/game development resources I finish here. I am not affiliated with any of the creators and I do not use referrer links or anything like that. The reviews are mostly just for fun.)
Posted by goobliata on 2019-03-30, 11:47pm
Today is 1 year since the release of Monster RPG 3, and I think it's time for a "post mortem" on this game I poured my soul into for four years. Many developers would consider it a massive failure, but in most ways I'm still reasonably happy with the final result, all things considered. It could have gone a lot better, but I'm trying to be happy in my reality where nobody owes me anything and each person who picks up a copy has given me a small gift that I am in no way entitled to, despite working very hard.
Posted by goobliata on 2019-03-12, 5:23am
I've decided to raise some game prices in various stores and this post offers an explanation. Our games have always been priced lower than many comparable games, often much lower. This may be part of the reason that I have never earned any money from any of our games (costs still greatly outweigh profits.)
Posted by goobliata on 2019-03-09, 9:04pm
Nooskewl no longer sells games on Humble Bundle or, so sometimes I can accidentally forget about the customers who bought games on those platforms. Those customers should still have access to their files even though the games are not for sale anymore. However, some games had gone a short while without receiving updates.
Posted by goobliata on 2019-03-01, 4:27pm
I've just pushed updates to Monster RPG 2 and Crystal Picnic for Android that add 64 bit ARM (arm64-v8a) and x86 (x86_64) variants. This is to comply with an upcoming Play Store policy change. The new builds support Android 4.0+, not 2.3+ like previous builds, due to the necessity to update some components the games use. The previous 2.3+ builds have been retained and should still be available on those devices.
Posted by goobliata on 2019-02-22, 12:30am
A small update to Monster RPG 3 is coming or available now for all platforms. It adds an optional higher resolution font to play the game with. You can access the setting from the title screen by clicking the gear, then Other Settings and toggling the Use alternative font checkbox.
Posted by goobliata on 2019-02-13, 9:17pm
Hello there! Monster RPG 3 is almost one year old, and I wanted to do something for its birthday. I got the idea to create an NES ROM of the soundtrack because M3's music is very similar to NES music. This is my first attempt at NES music, so it's not perfect, but you can download the ROM here. It should play in any good NES emulator (or if you have a flash cart, it should play on a real NES, though I haven't tried it.) Thanks to everyone who has picked up Monster RPG 3 the past year.
Posted by goobliata on 2019-01-30, 4:16pm
Commenting on news postings such as this one is now enabled again. You can create an account here to be able to leave comments. I'm thinking of possibly starting a devlog thread here for our new work in progress. What do you think?
Posted by goobliata on 2019-01-03, 12:49am
I don't finish games often. The last game I finished was Dragon Warrior, about 6 months ago (for which I wrote a review here.) Well, until a couple days ago when I finished The Room by Fireproof Games.
Posted by goobliata on 2018-12-05, 6:32pm
Hello. Monster RPG 3 is now playable in Spanish thanks to Ramón Méndez and Alba Calvo. The game, manual, achievements and store pages have all been translated. Steam and Google Play versions are available right now, while Amazon and Apple platforms should take just a couple days to get reviewed.
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Posted by goobliata on 2018-09-29, 4:14am
A small update to Monster RPG 2 has been published for Android and iOS. The previous update added a "3rd Party Licenses" button on the title screen that didn't work. 2.13.5 makes that button work and fixes an issue with adjusting aspect ratio mode causing text spacing to be too large or small.
Posted by goobliata on 2018-09-07, 3:02am
A small update to Monster RPG 3 dropped over the past couple days. The update is for mobile (iOS, Android) only and adds the ability to play in portrait mode on phones and tablets. In portrait mode, if the screen is tall enough and you enable onscreen controls, the DPAD and buttons appear below the game visuals rather than overlayed on top.
Posted by goobliata on 2018-08-10, 4:16am
We have just released a small update to Monster RPG 3. Version 1.1.6 is available everywhere now (Amazon still pending.) This is a fixes release.
Posted by goobliata on 2018-06-29, 6:08am
This is a review a long time in the making. I first got Dragon Warrior when I was about 10 years old in 1991 or thereabouts. I played it a lot and loved it, but never finished it... until this past week.
Posted by goobliata on 2018-05-21, 1:43am
With everything that's going on regarding user privacy and data rights (see the GDPR), I've decided to remove logins to this site. I just don't have the resources to comply with this stuff and keep it up to date. So if you have games in your account you want to download, now is the time. Everything will be gone by the end of the month. The site will stay online just to serve news and homepages for games which was the main point anyway. Thanks!
Posted by goobliata on 2018-04-24, 1:16am
Today was/is the big release day on Steam. The game is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux. This wraps up the Monster RPG 3 release for the most part - although Amazon PC/Mac builds are still not available.
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Posted by goobliata on 2018-04-14, 6:04am
You can now add Monster RPG 3 to your Steam wishlists! The game will be available April 23rd. Wishlisting helps with visibility at launch time, so if you plan on buying the game on Steam at some point, please consider adding it to your wishlist now. Follow this link for the Steam page.
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