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Hello. Some of you may have noticed a stream of updates to our Android games over the past 2 to 3 weeks. First of all I'm sorry if this has bothered anyone. The updates are finished for now though, and bring some improvements.

Since I am only supporting Google Play and Steam (Windows only) now, I can dedicate more time to each and do a better job on those platforms. This started 2-3 weeks ago with some Android improvements. The big one is proper and tested Chromebook support. The 3 games we have ...

Posted by goobliata on 2020-02-25, 2:14pm

Take a look at the new pre-trailer/preview for our upcoming game, Dog-O!

Check out the Dog-O website:
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It's not too often that I pick up games on release day. The previous time I did was for Fallout 4 - a game I ended up not liking much. Then The Outer Worlds came along. I wasn't sure if I would grab it right away, but I did. And it turned out to be one of my favourite games I've ever played.

I've been a fan of Obsidian since Fallout: New Vegas, although that was the only game of theirs I'd played. But it was also one of my favourites so I had to give The Outer Worlds a shot.

The Outer Worlds ...

Posted by goobliata on 2019-11-25, 8:59pm
NOTE: The charity sale has now ended

Nooskewl started business activities around mid-2009. We got our business license at the beginning of 2010. So we're coming up on our 10th anniversary.

I wanted to do something a bit different, so to celebrate this ocassion I'm putting everything on sale and all proceeds will go to our local food bank. It's nearing the holidays and this time of year it's important that everyone has enough.

All games will be $1 (based on USD price) in all stores. The ...

Posted by goobliata on 2019-10-14, 2:43am
Amanita Design is the developer of several nice little adventure games, like Machinarium which I did a review on before. They recently released a short game called Pilgrims on PC and Apple Arcade. I gave it a try and completed it in about 2 hours.

Like Machinarium, it has an interesting art style and the audio is very good. I think I may have liked the audio in Pilgrims better than Machinarium, even though it is highly praised in the older title.

In Pilgrims, you collect various items on ...

Posted by goobliata on 2019-10-12, 9:12pm
Playdead's Limbo became one of my favourites when I first played it a few years ago. Their more recent title Inside caught my eye, looking similar to Limbo. I picked it up on Steam and gave it a playthrough recently and was not disappointed. The game is similar to Playdead's first offering but with better production value (not to say Limbo wasn't good, Inside is just better.)

There are a lot of really creepy moments in the game, from the people chasing you down and choking you to death to ...

Posted by goobliata on 2019-05-28, 6:22pm
As I mentioned in my previous review, I'm trying to play through some of my backlog of games before buying new ones. The latest title I've finished, which I started yesterday and finished today, is Machinarium. It's a point-and-click adventure game from 2009 by Amanita Design. You play as a robot trying to find his love while fighting a gang of bad guy robots.

I don't have a lot of experience with adventure games, so I don't have much to compare this game to. First off, the art and sound are quite ...

Posted by goobliata on 2019-05-22, 8:38pm
I'm trying to play through my video game backlog, and the most recent title I finished is Fez, a game by Polytron originally released in 2012.

If you've seen the Indie Game movie, you're familiar with Fez. But what I didn't know is the movie barely skims the surface of what Fez has to offer. It shows a few scenes from the first levels, but there are many more worlds and beautiful sights to see in the game.

The game isn't incredibly difficult to get the kill screen on (which is fine by me), ...

Posted by goobliata on 2019-05-11, 12:10am
(I have started writing short reviews of games/game development resources I finish here. I am not affiliated with any of the creators and I do not use referrer links or anything like that. The reviews are mostly just for fun.)

The first language I wrote substantial programs in was C. I had used other languages prior (BASIC, Pascal, etc...) but C really resonated with me unlike any other. It wasn't until around 2005-2006 that I started learning C++. I was in the hospital for a few weeks and bought ...

Posted by goobliata on 2019-03-30, 11:47pm
Today is 1 year since the release of Monster RPG 3, and I think it's time for a "post mortem" on this game I poured my soul into for four years. Many developers would consider it a massive failure, but in most ways I'm still reasonably happy with the final result, all things considered. It could have gone a lot better, but I'm trying to be happy in my reality where nobody owes me anything and each person who picks up a copy has given me a small gift that I am in no way entitled to, despite working ...

Posted by goobliata on 2019-02-13, 9:17pm
Hello there! Monster RPG 3 is almost one year old, and I wanted to do something for its birthday. I got the idea to create an NES ROM of the soundtrack because M3's music is very similar to NES music. This is my first attempt at NES music, so it's not perfect, but you can download the ROM here. It should play in any good NES emulator (or if you have a flash cart, it should play on a real NES, though I haven't tried it.) Thanks to everyone who has picked up Monster RPG 3 the past year.

I based ...

Posted by goobliata on 2019-01-03, 12:49am
I don't finish games often. The last game I finished was Dragon Warrior, about 6 months ago (for which I wrote a review here.) Well, until a couple days ago when I finished The Room by Fireproof Games.

I became interested in The Room when it popped up in my Steam recommendations because it is short and I had played other short games. So I picked it up on Steam, on sale for a little over a dollar, which was a great deal because as you'll find out, I really liked the game.

The Room is centred ...

Posted by goobliata on 2018-12-05, 6:32pm
Hello. Monster RPG 3 is now playable in Spanish thanks to Ramón Méndez and Alba Calvo. The game, manual, achievements and store pages have all been translated. Steam and Google Play versions are available right now, while Amazon and Apple platforms should take just a couple days to get reviewed.

Have fun!
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Salut Tout le Monde les Gens Prod© has a video of some Crystal Picnic gameplay in French with a little fan art of Egbert and Frogbert. I can't remember seeing any fan art of any Nooskewl characters before so this may be the first, so I thought it was worth posting. Check it out above.
Posted by goobliata on 2018-06-29, 6:08am
This is a review a long time in the making. I first got Dragon Warrior when I was about 10 years old in 1991 or thereabouts. I played it a lot and loved it, but never finished it... until this past week.

This game appears really simple on the surface. Graphics when you're walking around are just a handful of tiles. But underneath it's a well designed game.

There are a lot of layers to the game. The game has a menu where you can choose some commands to perform at your current location. These ...

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It seems like it has been ages since I announced a new game, and indeed it has. Crystal Picnic was released in 2014, almost 4 years ago! It seems like making these games gets harder each time... but we are finally getting close to finishing up the next one.

I don't have a solid release date yet, just a vague "2018" for the release of Monster RPG 3. You can find out a little bit about it on its website. Like Monster RPG 2, it's an RPG with turn based combat. You'll want to play through until the ...