Walkthroughs - Monster RPG 3 - The Forest

The game starts off with friends, Eny and Tiggy, searching for Fiddleheads. Tiggy says "follow me" then heads North. Before you go, look on the other side of the pond for a chest.

Upon heading North, Eny and Tiggy will encounter their first enemy, Fiddler.

As it's just the first enemy, Fiddler isn't too difficult. It has one attack which shaves off about 10 or 11 HP. Sometimes its attacks will poison Eny and Tiggy, which will inflict 5 HP of damage after each character's turn. Don't worry about defending or using items during this fight; just keep attacking and it will meet its end in 10 turns.

After fighting Fiddler, both players will be poisoned. Open the pause menu by pressing Escape or B on your joystick, then press the right arrow at the bottom. You'll have 2 Cure in your inventory. When you use an item, it works on the currently showing player (seen at the top left.) Use one Cure on Eny, then press Comma or RB and use one on Tiggy. Now there are two chests just up a bit from where Fiddler was.

Go South two screens and you'll find a Save Zone. You can save here. The game is also autosaved every time you change areas and after each battle. You get your first achievement by saving here.

Now go South again and off to the right is another chest. There are monsters here now so watch out. After getting it, go South and down the stairs, then to the left and pick up the two weapons and equip them in the pause menu. The Weapons screen is to the right of the Items screen, or you can press W to go directly to it.

Directly to the right on the next screen you'll find a lumberjack who has been hurt by monsters. He'll give you a ring.

Go back to the previous area (left) and down the stairs (South). To the left is another lumberjack who gives you another ring.

Head East, to the next area, across the river and keep going East until you reach the end and exit to the South.

Monsters Encountered Here

There are four minor monsters that can be encountered in this area: Mushroom, Bloated, Goo, and Treant. Strategies for dealing with each are listed below. This guide assumes that you are at level 1 and have Short Sword and Axe equipped.

Mushroom are only ever encountered by themselves, never in groups. It has only one attack which inflicts between 15 and 18 HP worth of damage. Sometimes its attack will poison Eny or Tiggy. If it does, it will always drop a Cure, or two if both players are poisoned. Attack it 5 times to defeat it.

Bloated are always encountered in groups of three. Their Spit attack does 5 HP of damage each. Each one takes three attacks to defeat. It's best to defeat one at a time to avoid being bombarded with attacks each round.

Goo appear in groups of two. They are unique in the sense that they split off into Mini Goo upon being defeated. In their regular form, Goo do 5 HP of damage per attack, and take 4 turns to be defeated. Mini Goo do 1 HP of damage per attack and take just 1 turn to be defeated. The best strategy is to defeat each of the regular Goo first, then finish off the remaining Mini Goo.

Treant are perhaps the strongest of the bunch at this point in the game. They appear in groups of two and take 4 turns to be defeated. They are especially weak against your Axe. A Treant's normal attack does upwards of 23 HP worth of damage, while its Acorn attack does 27 HP worth of damage. You may need to use some Potion while fighting Treant. If they're too strong, try running away.


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