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Oh my sorrow • Deep inside • This grievous sin • I can't deny • Has killed the hope • I had inside • Oh my sorrow • My curse • A lie!

Coming in Spring 2018. In the meantime, check out Monster RPG 2 and Monster!

About the Game

Monster RPG 3 is a fantasy old-school/Japanese-style Role Playing Game (JRPG.) Monsters have reawakened in the land, and two friends are on a mission to find the source. Along the way they'll meet some interesting characters and fight in turn-based battles. Unique Vampire attacks complement the classic-style combat. A chip-tune soundtrack synthesized in real time sets the tone as the heroes save the day in unconventional fashion.


  • Turn-based battles
  • Unique Vampire attacks
  • Real-time synthesized music/sounds
  • Controller support
  • Autosaves and cloud saves
  • Tiny download size for such a quest


The game will be playable in English and French at launch.

Recommended for teens and up.



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Coming in Spring 2018...

System Requirements

A PC or Mac with...

  • 1 GHz CPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Intel HD or better graphics
  • Windows XP+, macOS 10.7+ or 64 bit Ubuntu 16.04
  • 5 MiB of storage space

Or one of...

  • iOS 9+
  • tvOS 9+
  • Android 4.4+ (x86 or ARM7; Android TV and Chromebooks supported)