Walkthroughs - Monster RPG 2 - Trek Through the Mountains

Mountain Battles

Of course there are various new monsters to encounter in the mountains. You'll get to know each of them as you fight them. Some things to beware of, anyway -- Meatballs can paralyze you, taking away a players turn for a certain number of rounds; Slimes will split into two MiniSlimes (like Goos in the underground passageway), but unlike Goos, the mini slimes will explode, dealing damage when you kill them.


The mountain passage is quite scenic, so pan around and take in the view when you can. There are various ways to go, and you might find a dead end with a chest, from which you will have to backtrack. Keep track of where you have and haven't been. When you see purple sky for the first time, look around for a chest of bullets -- they make Gunnar's gun much more powerful.

The Witch

After collecting the bullets and heading East, you will encounter a strange girl who blocks your way. She is a witch, and will try to get rid of you -- as she says, down the mountain the hard way. She has two pet bears. If you destroy both of her bears before first killing her, she will get terribly angry, so it is suggested that you kill one bear, then her, then the other bear. If Rider has learned the level 2 spells, use them against the Witch and she'll be gone in no time. She is weak against lightning.


After defeating the Witch, you're almost at the end of the mountain tour. You'll find a cave heading inside to the East of the Witch. Follow the stairs down and then exit from the mountains. Your next stop is Flowey -- but we recommend you take a quick trip back to the castle to sleep off your wounds first -- you'll see why in the next section!


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