Walkthroughs - Monster RPG 2 - Who's Going to Stop Me?


As you know well by now, Eny won't take no for an answer. So when you come across a giant albino toad called Tode, his warning of "Noone shall pass" is easily dismissed. The Portal is just beyond Tode, in your sights and in your reach.

Tode's specialties

Tode is a rather unique creature. An overgrown vegetarian toad who lives on the dark side of the moon. His vegetarianism is a weakness as you'll see. Tode will sometimes swallow players by stretching out his big ugly tongue and capturing them in his stomach. He may get sick and vomit them up. But if you feed him meat (meatballs!) he will certainly retch out the players in his belly. Tode can attack you, sometimes with poison. He can also spit balls of acid at you... very nasty. Your attacks and spells have good effect, but he is a tough adversary, and will put up a good fight. A good strategy is to "Quick"en your black magic casters and use them to cast level 3 spells on Tode non stop. This enemy will fall, but it's not a battle you'll soon forget.


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