Walkthroughs - Monster RPG 2 - Retrieving the Staff: Again


There are 5 huts in Muttrace, and one house on stilts. The first hut to the west is a place you can sleep to cure up HP and Mana. Going clockwise, the next one is empty, then there is a shop. You will want to be Light armor and weapons for all of your party members: the good thing is it's cheap but very powerful. Next hut has some chests and finally the fifth hut (due east when you enter Muttrace) has a kitten person who will give you a very important artifact: the Light Orb. The Light Orb will allow you to see in darkness, which you'll need soon when you go to the dark side of the moon.


The house on stilts is the home of King Albert of the moon. He may look like a monster but he's friendly. Remember him from the picture in the castle on earth? He will allow you to take the staff from a chest in the corner of the building. He tells you that there is a portal on the dark side of the moon that you can use to get home. You will need your landing vessel to send the staff into the sun. Head out of Muttrace and south back to where you landed.


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