Walkthroughs - Monster RPG 2 - Tipper's Up For Adventure


The path away from the landing area leads you into a small village named Shyzu. The people there are friendly, and the town is safe. The people are not very surprised to see you, because moon <-> earth travel used to be common. Search the huts and take whatever you can find. If you didn't buy supplies before launch, there is a shop in this town but the supplies are more expensive (but what choice do you have?!) The shop also sells something odd: meatballs. They are not just a delicious treat, you will probably need a few later on so if you have the money buy 2-3. Finally, near the east end of the village you'll find a male Shyzite wandering around. Talk to him. It turns out his name is Tipper and he's up for adventuring with you to find the staff -- perfect, now that Faelon is gone. On the east end of town exit by following the path and prepare for a little combat as you brave the moon valley on your way to Muttrace, where you may find more information on the staff.


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