Walkthroughs - Monster RPG 2 - The Beginning

A normal day

Eny and Tig are having an average day, picking edible mushrooms in the forest. It's getting late and they decide they have enough mushrooms for a stew and decide to head back to town. Something catches Tiggy's eye, and despite Eny's objections they go to check it out. It's an ancient wizards staff. After picking up the staff, since Tiggy is unaware of it's magical properties, his soul is captured by the staff and it controls him, making him do things he wouldn't otherwise do.


Tiggy raises his staff against Eny, his friend, and Eny refuses to attack Tig. You can defend against Tiggy's attacks by pressing the "Defend" button (the only option) and then confirming. You have no hope of winning this battle.

Summoning Monsters

After knocking Eny unconscious, Tiggy summons two goblins and instructs them to take Eny to the Keep to the North. He also tells them to prepare for war. The screen fades and we end up in our next area of interest.


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