Walkthroughs - Monster RPG 2 - Golems

The Threat

The first time you enter Flowey, you will be stopped by the guards at the gate. The guards, thankful to see you, request that you defeat a pair of Golems that are breaking their way through the northern walls of the village. The rest of the Flowey guard is defending the nearby beach and the remaining soldiers are not a match for the powerful Golems. Oh, and there's a catch. You have to beat the Golems in 3 minutes or the walls, and thus the town, will fall.

The Solution

Head back out the gate and to the East and around the walls up to the Northern part of the town. There you can activate the Golems to fight them. The Golems have some new tricks for you -- they can turn your players to stone, they can defend against your attacks and they can just plain rail you with their big rocky mitts. Golems are weak against Rider's level 2 spells however, and are not too difficult if you go that route. After defeating the first Golem and starting battle with the second Golem, the timer will stop. If the timer runs out before you've started the second battle, you will have to restart your game from where you last saved.


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