FAQ - Monster RPG 3

Do I Need to Play Them in Order?

All three of the games in the Monster RPG series are separate entities that can be played in any order.

Recording with FRAPS

Sound may record badly with FRAPS by default. To fix this, first find your computer's audio sampling rate. You can find it by right clicking the audio icon in the taskbar, clicking Playback Devices, right clicking the device audio is playing through and selecting properties. Somewhere in these tabs (it varies by audio hardware) you'll find a sampling rate such as 48000 or 44100 Hz.

Now open config.ini (where it is located is described above). If you don't have one, run the game and exit to create one. Find the line that says extra_args= and add +freq,<HZ> replacing <HZ> with the value you got from step 1. That is, a plus sign, the word freq, a comma then the sampling frequency. You can add more arguments (listed below) by separating them with commas.

Command Line Parameters

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Not on Mobile:

Windows Only: