FAQ - Crystal Picnic


Some people don't notice the little gear at the top left of the title screen. You can click it to change settings such as screen size, audio levels and text language.

Multiple Monitors

Crystal Picnic normally starts up on the primary monitor, but you can change it with the -adapter command line switch. Add the monitor number after the switch, for example "-adapter 1" which will use the second monitor (numbers start at 0.) You may need to add -width ### -height ### with the screen resolution also.

Windows Tablet Support

Crystal Picnic can be used on a Windows tablet without a keyboard or mouse. Right now that requires the use of a command line parameter (-force-tablet). To use this on the Steam version, right click the game in your library, select Properties then Launch Options and enter "-force-tablet" without quotes.

Keyboard Input

Some people don't like the default keybindings. You can set them in settings. However, the reason they are the way they are is to make it easier to remember them. They are laid out in a "+" (plus) shape the same as a Xbox 360 controller's buttons. The WASD keys form the plus. Those keys have the same actions as the corresponding Xbox controller buttons.

It goes further than that though. During the game you can use crystals to buy new skills. You can then "equip" skills on any button you choose in the Abilities menu. When you open the abilities menu, you'll notice there are 4 buttons you can map actions to (actually only 3 because "Jump" is forced on one of the buttons.) Those buttons are also laid out in a + shape. And you guessed it, the WASD keys and Xbox controller buttons map directly to the shape you see on the display by default.

Starred Modes

Graphics modes in video settings with a star beside them are modes where you don't need linear filtering enabled and the graphics will still look great. For other modes, linear filtering is recommended.

Technically, the difference is pixels are perfectly square in starred modes, whereas the screen may be a pixel or two wider than the content in unstarred modes and stretching must occur.