FAQ - AshEdit

Tiles from Older Version

Recently the example tiles that ship with AshEdit changed. If you've made maps with the old tiles, you can download the tile sheet here to keep using them.

Setting Tile Size

Tile size can be set, but at this time it's not user friendly. You will need to edit a text file. You should run AshEdit once to generate the file, then look for the file below. There is a line that says "tile_size=-1". Change the -1 to your desired value.

We plan to add a user friendly setting for this in a future version.



Replace ~ with your home directory, usually /Users/<username>.


Replace ~ with your home directory, usually /home/<username>.

Map Format

The file format of AshEdit maps is described in Map Format.txt included with the application. You can view it online here as well.

Multiple Sheets

Multiple tile sheets are supported. They should be named tiles0.png, tiles1.png, and so on and placed in the same directory. TGA images (tiles0.tga...) are also supported.

Mover Tool

The Mover tool can be used to move tiles to a different layer. To use it, select the layer you want to move FROM in the layer dropdown, press V or click the Mover tool icon, then select the layer you want to move TO and finally paint over the tiles you want to move (they will be tinted purple to show they've been moved.)

Macro Tool

To use the Macro tool, press R or click the Record icon, paint the pattern you'd like to repeat (some operations are not recorded), press R or click the Record icon again to end recording and finally press M or click the Macro tool icon and paint with the pattern you recorded.

Why no Solids in the Example Map?

We used a separate tool to make navigation meshes for Crystal Picnic.

What's Next?

There are a few planned features/bugfixes you can view here.