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Title Game froze while hopping across rocks
Priority bug Status resolved
Assigned To goobliata Product Monster RPG 3
Nosy List goobliata

Created on 2017-09-30.08:39:37 by goobliata, last changed by goobliata.

msg118 (view) Author: goobliata Date: 2017-09-30.08:39:37
On Android.
msg143 (view) Author: goobliata Date: 2017-10-03.15:16:32
Added some safety nets for this but since I can't reproduce it I'm not sure if
it's still there.
msg197 (view) Author: goobliata Date: 2017-10-16.23:44:20
Screen went grey as if it was stuck in a loop without pumping events.
msg262 (view) Author: goobliata Date: 2017-11-07.09:53:12
The jumping code is iffy... need to check it again.
msg327 (view) Author: goobliata Date: 2017-12-07.21:19:23
Going to call it a freak occurence. Reopen if it happens again.
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