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Title Ocean monsters are too difficult
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Created on 2017-09-27.20:29:12 by eric, last changed by goobliata.

msg103 (view) Author: eric Date: 2017-09-27.20:29:12
Reduce the difficulty of the ocean monsters (Shocker, Tentacle, Wave, etc). 
Especially when enemies strike first, it almost always results in a game over. 
Likewise, the Wave's tidal attack is devastating when it lands a lucky strike.
msg104 (view) Author: eric Date: 2017-09-28.00:52:43
Actually, Tentacles are fine. Shockers are difficult because lightning/bolt 
attacks seem to increase their health rather than decrease them. If anything, I 
would make it more apparent that Shockers gain health when struck by bolts. As 
for Waves, they are O.K. so long as "the first shall be last" thing doesn't 
msg115 (view) Author: weegee097 Date: 2017-09-29.22:06:25
Actually, Shockers aren't too bad if you use Fire and are at least lvl 4.
msg116 (view) Author: weegee097 Date: 2017-09-30.02:45:58
No, no.  It's more effective to purchase the spears from the sailor inside the ship 
than using Fire on the Shockers.
msg206 (view) Author: goobliata Date: 2017-10-23.16:08:29
I think this is ready to go now. I'll upload a new build sometime soon.
msg207 (view) Author: goobliata Date: 2017-10-23.16:08:52
Also, I lowered the HH difficulty a little as well.
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