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Title Test all achievements / all platforms
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Created on 2018-02-28.06:02:57 by goobliata, last changed by eric.

msg436 (view) Author: goobliata Date: 2018-03-04.20:53:21
Achievements are working on all mobile platforms (Google Play, Amazon and iOS/tvOS.) 
Haven't tasted each achievement yet though (and there is 1 that has yet to be 
msg461 (view) Author: eric Date: 2018-03-08.17:24:28
I can confirm that "Save Early, Save Often", "Hey, Zeus!", and "Lucky Shot" are 
all working as of beta 16 on Google Play. I will update again once I unlock more 
msg467 (view) Author: eric Date: 2018-03-09.01:18:22
"Lunker" and "Good as New!" also work on Google Play.
msg468 (view) Author: goobliata Date: 2018-03-09.01:42:46
There are a few that won't work until the 
rest of the game is finished. "Could be 
Me", "Roll the Credits" and "One Sitting."
msg478 (view) Author: eric Date: 2018-03-09.19:57:11
Okay. Then I can confirm that all of the rest of them work in the Google Play 
version, because I unlocked "Gimme the Loot!" and "Sickly from the Prickly" 
msg491 (view) Author: goobliata Date: 2018-03-11.01:49:47
They all work on iOS also (unlocked some on iPad and some on Apple TV.)
msg503 (view) Author: eric Date: 2018-03-13.03:29:17
They all work on the Amazon build.
msg525 (view) Author: eric Date: 2018-03-22.02:29:36
"Could be Me" and "Rolls the Credits" work in RC1 on Google Play.
msg538 (view) Author: eric Date: 2018-03-24.03:38:45
"Could be Me" and "Rolls the Credits" also work on the Amazon build. I'll test 
"One Sitting" soon.
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