DRM-free Downloads With Receipt

Posted by goobliata on 2017-05-14, 3:16am
Since we no longer have a way to sell all our DRM-free builds (Amazon sells PC & Mac, but there are more), I'm going to try an experiment with making them available on this site. You'll need an original email receipt from one of the storefronts where you've purchased a game. You'll also need to create an account here on nooskewl.ca.

Once you have those things, forward the receipt to contact@nooskewl.ca along with your nooskewl.ca username and we'll set up a download for the Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi and Android versions. You can access your downloads on your account page (click the icon on the top right of this page.)

The DRM-free builds are good to stash in your backups as they don't depend on Steam or any other storefront. This is also the only way to get the Raspberry Pi version now. So start sending those receipts if you have them!


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