There May be a Place For "Free" Games

Posted by goobliata on 2017-03-11, 11:37pm
I grew up in the 80s. Games were either bought outright, borrowed or rented. Unlike today there were no ads or micropayments. As such I've always been averse to putting such things in my games. A game should be something you pay for once and then own and can enjoy fully whenever/however you want. Or so I used to think...

Actually I still kind of do, personally. But everyone has their own likes and dislikes. Some people prefer getting a free game with ads or one you can "partially" play for free. Who am I to insist you have it my way?

Up until recently I had never put any ads or micropayments in my games. Then temporarily I put up some mobile versions with ads. I took them down. My reasoning was "I wouldn't want a game with ads, so I won't keep one like that." I've wrestled with the idea for a while now though and decided as long as I'm giving people something THEY want, there's really no issue.

I'll be putting those games (Amazon Underground versions of Crystal Picnic and Monster RPG 2) back up. I may do some others for Google Play and/or the App Store too. I could definitely use some extra income now that I'm OK with putting them out there. I don't plan on doing micropayments, and I'll probably always want to have "pure" version of games, though.

I admit, I've been stubborn and resistant to change. I'll try to accept that change is often a good thing and accept it from now on.


Posted by goobliata on 2017-03-12, 11:15pm
Our privacy policy now reflects this change.
Posted by goobliata on 2017-03-23, 7:03am
Due to a conflict with Amazon Underground policies, I've chosen to keep the new Google Play "Unleashed" versions rather than the Underground versions.
Posted by goobliata on 2017-03-25, 9:36am
We're back on Amazon Underground after fixing some things to comply with their rules once again (ie: adding IAP to the Google Play versions.)

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