Posted by klys on 2016-08-14, 10:52pm
I'm still interested in allegro/dos and may look at porting it to emx. Also, I've recently acquired an Nvidia card and have been attempting to learn blender a bit.

nice talking to you.
Posted by goobliata on 2016-08-15, 6:46pm
Hey klys, long time no see. What is EMX? The Monster RPG 2 source code can be found here if you're looking for it: https://nooskewl.ca/wiki/index.php/Monster_RPG_2:Source_Code.

I've been very slowly (well not for a while) learning Blender too. I made my first model that I didn't completely hate.
Posted by klys on 2016-08-15, 6:53pm
EMX is Eberhard Mattes' gcc compiler for DOS. I'm using it to extend VCPI. Thanks for the links. My project is coming along slowly. It includes source from EMX runtime and JEMM386.

- M.
Posted by goobliata on 2016-08-15, 7:01pm
What does extending VCPI do? Can you access more memory or something? I have fond memories of DOS but haven't used it in a long time except to update my BIOS.
Posted by klys on 2016-08-15, 8:44pm
the details are in this archive: So far I am executing lgdt and then returning to dos under vcpi.

- M.
Posted by goobliata on 2016-08-18, 1:22am
Oh, are you writing an operating system then?
Posted by klys on 2016-08-24, 11:35pm
yes, to a point. The main idea is to extend vcpi towards the possibility of importing code and running flat-real mode alongside it. So, the most pressing thing is to communicate between vcpi (paged) and flat-real mode (unpaged). I'm coding just occasionally until further interest develops. In other words, that upload is the latest. Some other ideas include building the system around seven main contexts (app dat net sys etc doc src) instead of having monolithic libraries. Also, a parser for C headers which would allow compilation into an assembly language other than the gcc compiler's system (some new language). Also, a memory management tool to allocate unpaged memory in 32 bits.
Posted by goobliata on 2016-09-08, 6:56am
I always thought running real and protected mode apps at the same time was impossible, but then again didn't Windows 95 do it? Well, good luck with it, it sounds cool!
Posted by klys on 2016-09-08, 12:43pm
new(er) files:
you can use them in conjunction with the previous link to build the project.
note: this project is still in pre-alpha prerelease phase, meaning it does
not yet accomplish its intended goal(s). it compiles though with the provided
tools and runs under qemu.

- Mdasoh Kyaeppd.

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