FAQ - Monster RPG 2


List of stats and what they affect:


The Fairy

As of version 1.10, there is a Fairy who follows you around whom you can buy consumable items from. What's the deal? Why is she there sometimes and sometimes not? There are two situations where she will appear: if you are low on potions, or if you have no Heals. "Low" is an arbitrary amount, based on the value of each item. Holy waters and Elixirs are worth more than Cure2s and Cure2s are worth more than Cure1s. If the "value total" of your items is over a certain number, the Fairy won't appear. One other note: if you are low on gold and the Fairy appears, she'll give you 250 gold.


Copy and Paste

The copy and paste functions on the load/save screen allow you to transfer saves between different platforms, for example your phone and your computer. For example, press Copy on a save state on your phone and paste the resulting text into an email. Open the email on your computer and Paste it into the game.

Standalone Ubuntu Build on amd64

Standalone Ubuntu builds that you'll find on Humble are built for i386 machines for full compatibility. They will run on 64 bit machines by installing the following packages with dependencies (based on Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit):

Running on Raspberry Pi

Monster RPG 2 runs with or without X on Raspberry Pi. You need to set gpu_mem=128 in /boot.config.txt (it can be higher if your Pi has more than 256 MB of RAM.) On Debian Buster, you need to comment out any qtoverlay lines in /boot/config.txt if you are on a Pi 2 or later (e.g., put a # in front of any lines that look like qtoverlay=vc4_fkms_v3d.)

If you are using the 'Lite' version of Raspbian, you may need to install the following packages: